Completely renewed in terms of graphics, contents and potential for information, the new website of Zeno Food is online, characterized by a sober layout, which incorporates and enhances the colors of the company logo.

The site, in html and css, complies with W3C standards and can be used by any navigation platform.

The new site aims to communicate the dynamic and innovative essence of the company.

A bit of technique:

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Mobile First
  • Above the fold
  • Lazy Load
  • Mobile First

What does it mean? It means that it was designed first to work well with mobile devices and then with PCs that are so much more powerful and have no processing problems. In practice, the graphics are designed for smartphones and tablets. Then with the media queries the variation for the PCs is applied ... first the exact opposite was done. This way less instructions are made on mobile devices to render a page.

The previews of the photographs on the abum are loaded with the lazy load technique.

In short, for your smartphone is fast on all pages. How does it occur?

Try here:

Put the URL and ... see what answer you get from Google

If you have any advice, suggestions or anything else, they are welcome. Write to us using the appropriate form at the bottom of each page.

Good surfing

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