A great network of solidarity involving a thousand shepherds who revive the ancient institute of "SA PARADURA" to help colleagues in the areas of central Italy affected by the earthquake.

"SA PARADURA" has its roots in the centuries, and remained in force until the sixties / seventies. It is a community solidarity of the pastoral society: in cases of extreme personal necessity, when a pastor lost his flock by natural calamities, by illness or because he had been stolen, there was the social intervention of the colleagues who gave him the possibility to start again by donating each one a sheep and allowing it to reassemble the flock. It was also used in hay or feed houses.

The name Paradura derives from the verb Parare, which in Sardinian means "To be available to create".

Coldiretti Sardinia and Istentales had already been promoters of such initiatives in 2009 when they brought a thousand sheep to the Abruzzese shepherds in L'Aquila.
This time the solidarity transhumance will have as its destination Cascia and its villages, where on the 9th April a thousand Sardinian sheep will arrive.

"I have no words to thank you - says the mayor of Cascia Gino Emili -. It is an extraordinary tradition, several pastors have already contacted me both from Sardinia and from our areas, to join this wonderful initiative. The earthquake hit 90 percent of farms - he adds -. Those who have suffered the most damage have lost everything and do not even know where to bring the animals that are left ".
From tomorrow the machine of solidarity will be set in motion that will involve a thousand shepherds, but also many other associations and bodies that will organize the collection of sheep and the journey. "

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